About Me


I have since graduated from the Nursing program at Vancouver Island University. I have been working fulltime at NRGH and loving the paychecks, lol.

Nursing is a rewarding career with many ups and downs. When I’m asked how or do I like my job I reply,” yes, if only there wasn’t so much politics!”

A couple of my favorite quotes:

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that…you end up being governed by your inferiors” -Plato
” If nurses neglect to organize and speak out on important issues surrounding professional practice, then others who are less knowledgeable will direct the practice.” – Sue Fossum

Hi there,

I’m a 4th year BSN student from VIU. I am the Mother of three beautiful children. I live in Nanaimo, BC. I aspire to be a OR Nurse when I finish my nursing degree. I love to read, cook, entertain, camp and garden.
Some of my passions include advocating for schools and healthcare, along with working environments for nurses! I am also a firm believer in the family farm and buying local!
Checkout this site I recently came across about supporting farmers!

Kool Mom

Mother's Day 2009


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